Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag GM

Today, we’ll be discussing one of the bags that drastically raised the bar when it came to how people perceived the durability and carrying capability of a designer bag. Of course I’m talking about the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM.

It’s a definite oldie in terms of when it was released compared to the other models in the market but it is a definite mainstay and for several good reasons. While it was released in 2013, it continues to be one of their best-selling handbags. I’ll be listing some pretty solid reasons in a little bit.

The Neverfull comes in three sizes with GM being the largest size. At the time of its release, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM cost around $980 which came off as a bit pricey but was relatively less costly than the other LV handbags. The reason it is so enduring even to this day is because of these:

1.) Open top equals easy access

I’ve never been the type of girl who liked to fiddle with zippers or having to reopen and refasten my bag. So when open tops hit the market, I was over the moon. Despite the open top of this bag, my things don’t just spill out all over and everywhere.

Yes, even I was paranoid about it. But given the bag’s depth, it’s fairly easy to keep things in its place and it’s rather enjoyable having to reach down. I feel like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a magical hole.

2.) It can hold SO much stuff

I’m not even kidding. A constant complaint of a lot of people when it comes to designer bags is the lack of space. However, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM managed to exceed my expectations and held so much.

Personally, I love using this bag for the office since it hold everything I need and more. I managed to put it my clunky 17 inch laptop, my DSLR camera, 2 phones, an ipad, my planner, keys, girl kit, extra clothes, 3 wallets, my lunch, a personal sized thermos. My friends keep asking me if I keep my husband and kids in there too.

Despite the abuse I heap on this in terms of weight and usage, it still looks so classy with very little signs of stress.

3.) The LV canvass has already proven its durability before

In my closet, the oldest Louis Vuitton I have is over 14 years old. It’s carried a lot of stuff over the years. It’s been dropped, shoved, scuffed, and it’s been exposed to different weathers in over 5 different countries and it still looks brand new.

So since the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM carries the same canvass, I was already pretty confident about the durability and I’m happy to report that my trust was rewarded spectacularly.

4.) You have several choices of print

A lot of luxury bags have undergone the trend of going for minimalist style logos. I’m glad that Louis Vuitton was smart enough to offer options for those who are really into that trend. Your choices are Monogram Idylle Canvas, Monogram Canvas and Damier Azure or Ebene.

Personally, I went with the Damier Ebene.

5.) The details are pretty sweet

For those who are a bit technical, here are the specs of the bag:

40 x 33 x 20 cm
( length  x height  x width )

– Redesigned interior with Louis Vuitton archive details
-Textile-lined inside pocket
-Removable zippered clutch with matching interior
-Natural cowhide leather trim
– Golden color metallic pieces

6.) It’s fairly easy to take care of

This garment is made to meet the highest demands and composed from a specific and high quality mercerised cotton yarn. It is recommended that a delicate wash with low temperatures to prevent shrinkage followed by drying on a flat surface and iron delicately.

Bottom line: it’s a durable bag that can really give the girl on the go what she needs!

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