Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote Review

Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote Review

Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote review

Well, it looks like I only lasted 2 weeks before I regained that urge to go spend money on a new bag.  I’m slightly disappointed in myself, as I thought I’d at least make it a month.  My brother had bet me $20 on it, so I lost that too 🙁 but anyways – as promised here it is…

This Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote review comes after only using it for a few days, but I don’t think you’ll need longer than that to understand why it’s a great bag.  The color of the bag is beige, tote style, and it’s all canvas with a brown leather trim.  The arm is intertwined on the front of the bag, and there are two handles and a shoulder strap (that can be easily removed).  There are two pockets in the front and one rear zipper pocket, similar to the Louis bag I reviewed on the 9th.  The bag is a bit smaller than my last one at just over 1 foot in height, but it has plenty of room.  I wasn’t trying to pack it to the brim, but I easily fit:

  • purse
  • deodorant
  • hair ties
  • lip balm
  • lip gloss
  • mascara
  • small mirror
  • cell phone
  • my latest read
  • some feminine pads
  • stain remover
  • lotion
  • towelettes
  • bottle of water

It’s definitely durable, which I noticed when my son took it from the car and literally flung it into the street.  Still not quite sure why he did that, and needless to say I was not happy about it.  However, I see only small scratches, which I found amazing because I was expecting some serious tread-marks or scuffs.  So, this is a testament to (real) Gucci quality.  Gotta love the Italians.  Retail price runs $1,198.99 at Overstock or you could pay $1,300.00 at Gucci. I actually got it from my neighbor’s husband over at Albany Tree Removal; he was at his office.  He had picked it up from Overstock and was hanging onto it at work for his wife’s birthday, but he ended up buying a vacation cruise too, so instead of returning the bag, he sold it to me at the same price.  Saved me a trip to the mall.  Visiting his office was only a few miles.  10 minute drive there, write a check, 10 minute back…not too bad for a day’s work!