Meet the fantastic Fendi DotCom bag

We all know that Fendi is one of the best brands nowadays respecting to bags, of course. They’re revolutionizing the fashion world with each collection, and today, you’ll meet a keeper. The DotCom bag, apart from having a unique name, is a stunning bag that will give you the perfect touch to any outfit. The first impression of the bag is that offers a right size, where you can put all your goodies inside.

Surprisingly, Fendi doesn’t have (yet) the same popularity as others brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. The truth is, you can count on a top-notch quality as others famous brands. Trust me, the durability, the class, and the material of the Fendi’s bag will not let you down. The DatCom bag was launched in 2016, you may think was a long time ago, but so many of you didn’t know about this one, so I need to put it in here despite its age on the market. The bag has a lot of reputation, and it’s on trend still, so don’t worry about it.

In fact, as the bag doesn’t have much popularity, you can be sure that you’ll stand out wherever you go. You may be surprised with the compartments of the bag and the room that has for your essentials items, believe me, you’ll not have to leave anything behind.

There are few aspects of this design that makes it unique. The dot in the center is a leather pouch that is attached to the main compartment of the bag. You can quickly remove it and use it independently with other bags or alone as you prefer. As a thick leather bag, the weight is not heavy, on the contrary, is a perfect squared silhouette with a comfortable weightiness.

The interior of the bag is as beautiful as the outside. It has two significant sections where you can place all you need, and the material is microfiber. Apart from the two primary partitions, you have others multiple compartments to put your belongings. The clutch inside the bag that is attached to the stud in the middle of the bag came in a contrasting shade that gives more personality to the interior of the bag.


Small Fendi DotCom      24 x 21 x 11 (L X H X D) cm

Medium Fendi DotCom        30 x 24 x 14 (L X H X D) cm

Leather, materials, and colors

One of the greatest aspects of this design is that you have many options to choose from. You have two different types: Calf leather of DotCom Quilting. For the colors, you have a big palette to pick your favorite one, from black to yellow; you can use this amazing accessory for any clothing.

Also, I forgot to mention that you have a detachable shoulder strap or the single top handle to use them as you feel more comfortable. For a casual event you can put your shoulder strap, and in the dinner time, you can easily remove it, and you’ll be ready!