J’adior handbag


One of the latest creations of the most significant bag franchise Dior is the bag: J’adior. The brand keeps surprising their fans with a unique piece that stepped outside of the prior designs that we have appreciated throughout time. Prepare yourself for the fashion accessory that you’ll want to have in your closet.

You have the opportunity to choose from two J’adior bags. The first one is the J’adior Flap bag that has a chain strap. This bag has a unique attitude that will give her owner an instant confident boldness in every step; seriously, this bag is like no other. It has its name (J’adior) in a beautiful gold color that combines with everything. You can use it with the chain strap or through the handclasp for a comfy hand carrying.

The second J’adior Flap Bag, comes with an adjustable strap with the gold signature on it. This beautiful and classy bag can be quickly transformed from a standard clutch to a comfy shoulder bag. In both cases, the bag will give you the perfect touch to your outfit for any occasion. Both creations are designed to fulfill any needs, from an elegant dinner to a casual lunch with your friends.

If you didn’t know, the name is a wordplay that means: I love Dior. The correct spelling in French is “J’adore,” and they cleverly make a small change to create this outstanding bag.


-J’adior with chain

Size: 25 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm

-J’adior with shoulder strap

Size: 23 x 14.5 x 5.5 cm

As you see, the dimensions are perfect to keep your most important items; is no too big and either, is no too small. Comes with the perfect size to fit the things that you need. This design was released the past summer, but it’s still on trend, and for sure, it will endure over time. The interior of the bag is more than amazing; it’s like an organized wallet where you can put all your cards and documents. Also, has a zipper compartment to place your keys and money.

The interior of the one with the shoulder strap is even bigger than the other, but at the same time, it’s a bit simpler. It has a big compartment where you can put your phone, wallet, etc., along with a slip pocket compartment to place your cards. You can choose from three different colors: White, red and black. The perfect ones, don’t you think? The three of them are entirely adaptable to any outfit that you wear. Just pick your favorite and use it for everything!

For sure, the distinctive part of the bags is the way they decided to place the signature on the two designs. It’s simple but at the same time is strong, feminine, and generates some kind of toughness to the bag. For some of you may be exaggerated, but I believe they look amazing and classy. Do you love it or not so much?