Coach Pebbled Prairie Satchel Review

I’m excited to announce the newest handbag in my collection – the Coach Pebbled Prairie Satchel, along with my stellar review.   I was feeling like standing out, and the red, Italian leather takes care of that with no problem.   Here’s what I love about this bag:
coach pebbled prairie satchel

  1. The color.  The deep red really pops.  Throw on some red lipstick and the attention of everyone within a 50 yard radius of you is yours.  Seriously, it’s awesome.
  2. It’s so simple.  Most of my handbags have these crazy, intricate designs that some poor kid in a foreign country is probably hand-sewing in for 2 cents an hour.  The coach pebbled prairie satchel is elegantly basic.
  3. It’s way less expensive.  This amazing bag is a fraction of the price of most designer handbags, especially with a luxury name on it, like Coach.  $275 is a steal.
  4. Small but spacious.   This bag is just over a foot in length and 8 and a half inches high, and 3 inches across, yet it fits everything I need without a huge bulge in the side.

This handbag has plenty of room for a cell phone in the front zippered pocket, and the inside fits all the essentials.  There’s two slip pockets on the left and another zippered pocket directly across from it.  One thing I really like about this bag is the smooth sliding zipper.  (Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out). Have you ever had one of those fall off after using it for too long?  (Beware of cheaply made materials).  Not this one!  It’s heavy duty, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  When you’re out and about, carrying it around, there’s the dual handle that you can use, or the shoulder/chest sling that’s almost two feet in length – perfect fit.  The Coach wording is engraved on the chain that holds the straps.  Stand the bag up on the bottom or the side and it’s stable, so it won’t knock your drink over when your sitting down at Starbuck’s for lunch.  Finally, the new Coach logo is stuck right to the side of the bag in a nice looking gold color.  So far, I love this bag and I don’t see a downside.  I keep getting compliments on it over and over and over again, so that’s a plus.  It’s the perfect new edition to my collection.

What handbags do you like?  Send me a review and I post it for everyone to see.  Help the women of the world find the perfect bag for them here.


Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote Review

Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote Review

Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote review

Well, it looks like I only lasted 2 weeks before I regained that urge to go spend money on a new bag.  I’m slightly disappointed in myself, as I thought I’d at least make it a month.  My brother had bet me $20 on it, so I lost that too 🙁 but anyways – as promised here it is…

This Gucci Large Bree GG Canvas Tote review comes after only using it for a few days, but I don’t think you’ll need longer than that to understand why it’s a great bag.  The color of the bag is beige, tote style, and it’s all canvas with a brown leather trim.  The arm is intertwined on the front of the bag, and there are two handles and a shoulder strap (that can be easily removed).  There are two pockets in the front and one rear zipper pocket, similar to the Louis bag I reviewed on the 9th.  The bag is a bit smaller than my last one at just over 1 foot in height, but it has plenty of room.  I wasn’t trying to pack it to the brim, but I easily fit:

  • purse
  • deodorant
  • hair ties
  • lip balm
  • lip gloss
  • mascara
  • small mirror
  • cell phone
  • my latest read
  • some feminine pads
  • stain remover
  • lotion
  • towelettes
  • bottle of water

It’s definitely durable, which I noticed when my son took it from the car and literally flung it into the street.  Still not quite sure why he did that, and needless to say I was not happy about it.  However, I see only small scratches, which I found amazing because I was expecting some serious tread-marks or scuffs.  So, this is a testament to (real) Gucci quality.  Gotta love the Italians.  Retail price runs $1,198.99 at Overstock or you could pay $1,300.00 at Gucci. I actually got it from my neighbor’s husband over at Albany Tree Removal; he was at his office.  He had picked it up from Overstock and was hanging onto it at work for his wife’s birthday, but he ended up buying a vacation cruise too, so instead of returning the bag, he sold it to me at the same price.  Saved me a trip to the mall.  Visiting his office was only a few miles.  10 minute drive there, write a check, 10 minute back…not too bad for a day’s work!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Handbag Review

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Handbag Review


The Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag comes in 3 sizes – MM, GM, and PM.  I purchased the MM, which is the medium size handbag.  It comes with a zippered clutch (shown in the picture), and it’s very large.  You can fit everything in it – phone, wallet, keys, pocket mirror, makeup, and more.  You almost don’t need the handbag itself, but you definitely want it 😉 so I bought it anyways.

At, $1,260, the price of the bag is a bit steep, but is it worth it?  Absolutely.  I love this bag.  It’s a beautiful looking, durable canvas tote, with the LV logo outside design, and small brown stitching around the edges.  The inside of the bag is a light golden beige, with vertical brown lines, as you can see below.  There’s an inside, zippered pocket that has more than enough space to conceal a small book or even a fablet (fake tablet – gigantic phone) if you’re into that sort of thing.  There are also straps, connected to the walls of the handbag that can be used to secure its contents.  If we look at the outside of the bag, one of the unique features is that you can pull on the leather straps on either end to change the shape of the bag in order to achieve a different look.  Overall, I am very happy with the bag.  The bag is available at the Louis Vuitton website.  I have provided the link for your convenience, but please note that I have no affiliation with LV.