The LV Speedy 30

The LV Speedy 30

‘Tis the season to be jolly and mostly well-fed again! I think it’s pretty natural that this season always brings up the topic of gift-giving. I mean, it’s what this whole season is about for most people–specially the kids, amirite? Well, speaking for the kid in me, I still get a bit giddy thinking about presents. Wouldn’t you?

Mostly, my wishlist contains clothing that fits just perfect with room for the holiday pounds. However, if I were to really think about it, there’s always been a usual suspect on the list. That would be my ultimate bag crush: the ever classic Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 handbag.

Seriously, doesn’t that thing just drip class from every seam and stitch? I mean just look at it! It’s as cute as a button with the carrying capacity of a black hole (not to be taken literally of course). I must have poured hours watching reviews and unboxing videos of lucky guys and gals out there because it really doesn’t grow old and the fact that I learn new things about this bag each time. I seriously didn’t know that the Speedy is practically one of the first handbags made by Louis Vuitton when he decided to branch out into fashion. Louis Vuitton also made a smaller size of Speedy for the very beautiful Audrey Hepburn. Knowing now that this bag has such rich history attached to it only makes me want it more.

Past aside, I constantly stay impressed with how people say that this bag is practically indestructible. The detail on the leather  remains immaculate and consistent throughout all the Speedy bags that have been released out into the market. I suspect that those that have complaints bought from dodgy third party sellers. Now any girl worth her salt will know that it’s best to buy direct from legitimate Louis Vuitton branches or partners.

If I were to ever get one, I would really stick with Speedy 30 instead of going down with a 25 or higher. I think the size is just right to carry most of what I usually do and then some! When I tell my friends about my bag crush, they often remark on how it’s not cute at all with its monogram print. I suppose it’s an acquired taste, personally I think it’s classic–but luckily different sorts of prints have become available for buyers. Louis Vuitton was astute enough to partner with other designers and leather providers to come up with various designs that vary with the seasons and the years.

One of the biggest reasons why I remain in love with this bag is because compared to other brands, the pricing for Speedy have been lighter on the purse. I think lately, a Speedy 25 goes for around $900 or less. Other brands like Hermes will charge you $1500 for a bag that’s a lot smaller than the Speedy so in terms of practicality, the Speedy still wins out.

And really, just having a Speedy 30 on your arm is just a delight I cannot wait to experience. So to this day, I have to really say my opinion of the Speedy 30 hasn’t diminished in the least. In the contrary, it’s been strengthened and I really can’t wait for the day that I get to afford this lovely designer bag!